Company Services

The Design Process

ACS specialises in the design of Mechanical Building, and Electronic Services, and will take on the following in your Project:



ACS will draft a budget to provide our clients with an estimate of how much a project’s mechanical services will cost. Our budgets come with detailed breakdowns so that you can better understand how much each service will cost. From here we work with our clients to make the design as cost-effective as possible, without sacrificing on quality.


Design and Drawings

ACS will then do the full design of the services required, and provide the client with a CAD drawing (we use Autodesk Revit and/or AutoCAD) Revit is a 3D CAD software that allows for a full 3D mechanical design, this provides superior coordination between different services and reduces the risk of clashes on site. ACS will also provide physical A0/A1 drawings to the sub-contractors as required.


Tender Process of BOQ

Once the design is finalised ACS will draft a Tender document and BOQ and issue them to a selection of trusted sub-contractors (including any sub-contractors that the client wishes included). ACS then compares these Tender’s and will give the client a detailed summary and recommendation on which sub-contractor we believe is best.


Site Inspections

Once construction has begun, we will conduct inspections of the site (normally every 2 weeks) in order to ensure that all services are being installed correctly, to coordinate with other services, and to work with sub-contractors on any problems that they may be experiencing.

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Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning

    •Chilled Water Systems
    •Condeser Water System
    •Cassettes, Hideaways, Variable Refrigerant Volume, and Packaged Units
    •Smoking Areas, and Clean Environments
    •Ice Thermal Storage Systems
    •Heat Reclaim
    •Basement Fume Extraction

Wet Services

    •Heat Pumps
    •Hot and Cold-Water Systems
    •Central Hot Water Services
    •Condensate Water Capture Systems
    •Water Tanks, Rain Water Harvesting, Filtration + Treatment System

Fire Systems

    •Fire and Smoke Detection
    •CO & NO2 Detection
    •Smoke Extraction
    •Fire Escape Pressurisation
    •Fire Sprinkler Systems With Associated Pumps + Tanks


    •Combined HVAC and Refrigeration systems Utilising CO2 Refrigeration
    •CO2 Refrigeration Systems
    •Refrigeration Systems for Supermarkets, Hotels, Restaurants, etc.
    •Refrigeration Systems using Thermal Energy Storage.

Natural Gas

    •Gas Boilers
    •Gas Piping