The Tyrwhitt, Rosebank

The Tyrwhitt is a 13-storey luxury apartment building in the heart of Rosebank. It features 3 underground parking levels and has a total of 219 apartments. ACS designed the following mechanical services: HVAC, Basement Smoke Extraction, Plumbing, Drainage, Natural Gas Boilers and Piping, Hose Reel and Hydrant Reticulation, Sprinklers, and smoke and CO/NO2 detection.

The Tyrwhitt required mechanical ventilation in its 3 underground parking levels to extract noxious fumes produced by vehicles. In the event of a fire this extraction system was also designed to isolate and extract smoke. Other extraction systems were designed for the Restaurant kitchen canopy, and all bathrooms.

Due to the height of the building a stair pressurisation system was required for all fire escape stairs (to prevent smoke and fire from entering fire escape routes during evacuation, and for fire-fighters to have a safe entry during fire-fighting). These systems were designed to supply air into the fire escape and pressurise the staircase to 50Pa, as per SANS and EN standards.

As per South African National Standards, the Tyrwhitt required emergency back-up water to provide water to the building for 8 hours. As such a cold-water storage tank was placed in the lowest basement level, and to overcome the height of the building booster pumps were incorporated into the design in addition to two more storage tanks located on the roof. All this allowed for adequate water supply to the apartments on the upper floor. Hot water was provided to the building through Natural Gas Boilers and two Plate Heat Exchangers with circulating pumps.

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